Common Personal Injuries Sustained at Work

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The companies and organizations for which we work do their best to keep all their employees safe from harm. Of course, accidents can happen. Accidents may be more common in certain job fields, but we all know that accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere. So what can we do if disaster does strike in the workplace? If the accident was easily preventable or due to carelessness of another of the company, and you do not feel that you have had been properly compensated, you may have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Your friends at Morris King & Hodge are here to help you out with your personal injury case. Talk to them about your situation and ask any questions you may have regarding taking a personal injury case to court. Here is a list of the top ten most common injuries sustained in the workplace.

  1. Overexertion: These injuries happen mostly in jobs where you find yourself doing a lot of heavy lifting or are consistently on your feet. While an hour or so a day of this kind of exertion is healthy, doing it for four or more hours each day is going to lead to wear and tear of the muscles, tendons and bones.
  2. Slipping or Tripping: Even if you do not fall, you can still injure yourself from slipping or tripping simply due to the unnatural motion that your body many take to rebalance itself. If you do fall, there are numerous injury possibilities from broken bones and teeth to torn muscles and tendons.
  3. Falling from a Height: When your job requires you to be on a ladder either to complete a task or to put equipment or products in storage, gravity can become a brutal enemy. Falling from a height makes your impact with the ground that much greater and therefore more dangerous.
  4. Injury due to Reaction: We react to everything, it’s one of Newton’s Laws. Reactions can put us into an unnatural position for our bodies or may pull or strain our muscles too far.
  5. Falling Objects: Falling objects can happen anywhere, but are especially common on construction sites. If your job does not require you to wear a helmet and something falls and hits you, this can cause far greater injury than imagined.
  6. Walking into Objects: We can often be careless when it comes to looking where we are going, especially with our smartphone addictions. Sometimes though, there may be a fluke tile hanging from the ceiling or a floor board sticking out; unnatural and unexpected. These can cause you bang your head or fall.
  7. Vehicle Accidents: Many companies rely on truck and delivery drivers to get product where it needs to go. Road safety is important, but we cannot control conditions or other drivers. These accidents can be highly catastrophic.
  8. Entanglements in Machinery: Not enough sleep or not looking can cause a machinist to accidentally get caught up in a machine. These are extremely dangerous accidents that can result in lost limbs or worse.
  9. Repetitive Motion: These motions are similar to overexertion but stem from having a body part in the same attitude for too long of times. Injuries include cataracts and carpal tunnel.
  10. Violent Acts: No one is perfect and everyone has different opinions. However, sometimes people are not so good at articulating when it comes to differences. These violent acts tend to stem from work politics.

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