Top 5 Workplace Injuries

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The safety of workers is very important in every workplace. Workers dedicate their time and energy to ensuring the success of the organizations they work for and it is only fair that the organizations provide them with a safe environment to carry out their duties. A failure to do this carries serious legal consequences and to avoid them, organizations have gone the extra mile to make their offices and workstations safe for doing business. This has reduced the accidents in most workplaces and workers are able to go about their assignments in peace. This, however, doesn’t mean that accidents are non-existent at the workplace. They still happen and cause injury and harm to the workers as they are going about their duties. Off all the injuries that are common in the workplace, here are the top 5.

  1.      Slips and falls.

Slips and falls are very common in the workplace. They are caused by among other things slippery floors, poorly arranged office furniture and torn carpets. A lack of concentration as workers go about their duties also results in slip and fall injuries. To prevent slip and fall injuries, office workers should put up appropriate signs when cleaning the office. Furniture in the office should also be arranged properly and the torn carpets replaced appropriately. If you slip, trip or fall and get injured at the workplace, your supervisor should help you get the workers compensation that is due to you as a result of the injury. To hasten the process, you should find a great slip and fall lawyer to help you with your case.

  1.      Muscle strains.

Workers strain their muscles when they overstretch as they are reaching for something in the office. They also strain their back and neck muscles when they sit on their desk for the entire day doing computer work. Lifting heavy items also cause muscle strains and even tears. To prevent such injuries, workers are advised to learn the best techniques for handling heavy loads. Those who work in cubicles should also take regular breaks and stretch their muscles.

  1.      Falling objects.

Falling objects cause a lot of injuries at the workplace. It could be books falling from a shelf or even the entire shelf falling on you. Falling objects inflict a lot of pain and could result in external and internal injuries. Workers are advised to set up their stations away from falling objects and shelves. The shelves should also be fastened appropriately to effectively hold the items placed on them.

  1.      Cuts and bruises.

Chefs and other professionals working in the service industry are at risk of these injuries. Kitchenware such as knives can cut and injure an individual when they are not handled or stored appropriately. To avoid such injuries, workers should store sharp items properly when they are not in use.

  1.      Toxic fumes.

Inhaling toxic fumes causes respiratory challenges when it is allowed to go on for a long period of time. Employers should provide their workers with the protection gear such as gloves and dust masks to prevent them from inhaling toxic fumes from chemicals.

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