Could You Soon Be Prosecuting Parents for Physically Punishing Their Children?

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The line between abuse and parental correction is different for every citizen, but at some point, there needs to be a defining line when it comes to corporal punishment. Spanking has always been a loosely defined form of child rearing and one that Canada has left to the judgment of parents. There is a turning tide on the horizon which may soon make it illegal for Canadian parents to have the ability to physically correct the behavior of their children.

Corporal punishment has been legal in Canada as well as the civilized world, but there is a question about whether it is a civilized way to raise our youth. It may be that spanking will become illegal very soon.

Justin Trudeau, putting forth over 94 different recommendations stemming from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, wants things to change. In an attempt to help children from being inflicted with the consequences of corporal punishment and physical abuse, he is leading the charge to disallow it from schools and homes across Canada. Section 43 of the criminal code, allowing educators the right to use “appropriate force” on Canadian’s children may soon be a thing of the past.

His argument is that spanking is an archaic response to child behavior. Insisting that it may have worked in a less evolved world, with more research into its overall effects, it just doesn’t make sense in the world we live. Hitting anyone out of aggression, he believes, is wrong by any standards held by Canadian’s moral compass.

Spanking is nothing more than a euphemism for hitting a child. No matter what you call it, it is a hurtful response to a child. That is never a good lesson to teach our children, not in homes across Canada, and definitely not systematically in our schools.

Just because spanking has been used throughout the history of the world, does not mean that it is a viable corrective measure now. Now that we know how it affects the psyche and that there are better means to teach behaviors that don’t involve primitive pain, there is no reason for the practice to continue.

Trudeau believes that no one, for any behavior, deserves physical pain to induce correction. It simply is a fallacy that has been perpetuated not in theory, but in irrational thought handed down from generation to generation.

Studies show that those who were spanked are more likely to spank. As we get older, we tend to believe that our own upbringing was deserved and fair. Making peace with things done to us, we often see spanking as a necessary evil in our upbringing. Many generations carry the practice to excuse the actions of their own rearing, but that by no means makes it right, or effective.

In a world that is so overcome with violence and aggression, it is important for us to see how the actions we take foster either peace or more of the same. Spanking has been proven to have little effect on behavior, so exactly what is it that we are trying to accomplish by allowing the systematic use of it in our schools?

The arguments against making spanking illegal Canada-wide is that there is growing concern that there are no consequences for bad behavior and that children lack the essential discipline needed to become good citizens. In an optimistic view of life, it is possible that we can be more creative in our choices to spank, no?

There is also concern that parents who are caught using it as a form of punishment could lose everything and be incarcerated, but that can’t be an excuse to allow it to continue. If we educate public about why it can’t be in our society, they should naturally want better for their children. If they can’t, or won’t find a better way to raise the youth of our society, then perhaps they deserve what comes their way.

Spanking is no longer a viable means to control children’s behavior. You wouldn’t spank an employee for wrongdoing because it would likely cause you to be socked in the face. That just tells you that it is a practice that is perpetrated on those who are too weak to defend themselves.

With so many other viable and intelligent options out there to keep children in line, it is simply inexcusable for our nation to look the other way and to not stop bad behaviors that could be hurting further generations by enacting laws that stop poor practices like spanking and corporal punishment.

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