Top 4 Essential Tips to Have a Great First day at Work

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Suppose tomorrow is your first day at work in Canada. We hope that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of your new employment, along with your legal rights surrounding termination without cause and so on. Remind yourself that first impressions matter, and since it will be the first day at your new work, you want to play all cards right.

Typically, on the first day, you will learn about your co-workers, the work schedule, workflow, workspace environment and get familiar with various other things. Meanwhile, your co-workers will meet you for the first time as well, and the foundation of all your future assessments will be set on your first day at work.

Instead of freaking out and losing a night of sleep in anticipation of your first day at the new workplace, we recommend going through the following essential tips to transform your first day into a massive success. Read on to learn more!

Dress up But Don’t Overdress

You might have heard the term of dress to impress. Undoubtedly, your first impression will linger in the mind of your co-workers, your employer, and whoever else you encounter on the office premises on your first day. That said, you might consider wearing a dress shirt and matching trousers. Don’t forget to put on clean shoes and a fresh pair of socks. Good hygiene and a fresh appearance are essential for good first-time impressions.

Plan Your Travel Beforehand

Instead of waking up and wondering how you will commute to your workplace, you will have to plan it a couple of days ahead. You ought to practice the route a couple of days before your joining date so that you can estimate the commute time and which route will prove the best. We recommend that you reach your office at least ten minutes earlier than the start of your shift. You don’t necessarily have to enter the office building, just go to a nearby restaurant, have some coffee and keep your thoughts positive.

Show Genuine Interest

On your first day at work, you need to show genuine interest in your duties and responsibilities. That said, we encourage asking loads of questions so that you don’t make any blunders on your first day at work. Your first impressions aren’t confined to your looks alone but include your work as well.

Before signing the employment contract, make sure to read all the terms and conditions and understand everything carefully before you agree to anything. Make a copy of the contract and other paperwork so that you can refer to it anytime later, in case the need arises.

Be Polite & Friendly

Smile, be happy, and positive on your first day at work. Remember all the hard work that you went through to get to this position. You passed the interviews before getting finalized for the position. During breaks, get to know your co-workers better by interacting with them. Don’t shy away from making friends at the workplace. It is also recommended to understand the power hierarchy at the workplace so that you know with whom to interact and who to befriend, which is essential to growing in your career.

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