Lewis -v- Tinsdale & the Motor Insurers Bureau [2018] EWHC 2376 (QB)

In Lewis -v- Tinsdale & the Motor Insurers Bureau [2018] EWHC 2376 (QB), the Claimant suffered serious injuries when he was walking on private land and hit by an uninsured Nissan Terrano 4 x 4 vehicle. The First Defendant was debarred from defending the claim and judgment was obtained against him. The Court considered whether Articles 3 and/or 10 of Directive 2009/103/EC were directly effective against the MIB through being an emanation of the state.

At a trial of the preliminary issues, Mr Justice Soole noted that the CJEU had made it “unequivocal that the obligation of compulsory insurance extends to the use of vehicles on private land”. Crucially, he went on to find that the MIB was an “emanation of the state” for the purposes of the Insurance Directives. He considered that Farrell v Whitty (No.2) (C-413/15) [2018] 3 WLR 285 had superseded the reasoning in Byrne v MIB [2009] QB 66 and the observations of Hobhouse LJ in Mighell v Reading [1999] Lloyds Rep IR 30. Further, the MIB was liable to indemnify the Claimant at least to the minimum level of cover under Directive 2009/103/EC, which is EUR 1 000 000 per victim. The question of whether the European principle of equivalence in fact requires unlimited cover was raised late in the hearing and was not fully argued. As such, Mr Justice Soole went no further than to state that Article 3 had direct effect to the extent of at least the minimum requirement of EUR 1 000 000 per victim. Whether unlimited cover is indeed required remains to be seen.

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