Advantage Insurance Ltd v Ewere (16 November 2017, QBD, Slade J)

The Claimant insurance company applied for committal of the Defendant for contempt of court. The Defendant had stated in the original personal injury action that he was in a parked vehicle when it was struck by the Claimant’s insured thereby causing him injury. That was verified with a statement of truth in the Particulars of Claim and two witness statements. The claim was dismissed, the Judge finding that the Defendant was not in the vehicle at the time. Slade J considered that the Claimant had established to the criminal standard, that the Defendant was not in the vehicle. In assessing the evidence of the Claimant’s insured, she had been consistent throughout. The Defendant, conversely, had given an inaccurate account of his medical history and had failed to disclose a previous RTA. In order to succeed in proving contempt of court, the Claimant had to demonstrate that the Defendant had signed the documents with no honest belief in the truth of their contents and he knew they were likely to interfere with the course of justice. Each of the grounds was made out, and the Defendant was thus in contempt of court.

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