Common construction worker injuries

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All jobs come with some risk. However, construction workers face more risk than most. Every day that they show up to work, there is a chance of injury. And although most employers try to prevent workplace injuries, it’s impossible to guarantee that incidents don’t occur. Find out what are the most common risks for construction workers.

The Dangers of Construction

OSHA has designed many safety nets for construction workers. They make sure that employers provide all the necessary training and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of their workers. However, not all employers follow through. And even when they do, accidents can happen. You might find yourself in the middle of a worker’s compensation incident. Here are some of the most common injuries that construction workers encounter.

  1. The collapse of a trench

Working in a trench is risky business. There are many things that can go wrong and cause a trench to collapse. When a collapse occurs, the results can be devastating. A worker can have a limited air supply which could result in brain damage. The collapse could also result in crush injuries. Often, crush injuries result in long-term consequences. You might find yourself unable to work a physical job because of your injuries. In extreme situations, the collapse could result in death.

If there is a trench collapse, you deserve compensation. It’s a terrifying incident with extreme consequences. You should contact a lawyer to file for worker’s compensation.

  1. Falling from high places

Often, construction workers find themselves working in a high place. You might be on top of a billboard, on a ladder, or on the roof of a tall building. No matter where you are, there is a chance of falling. There are many precautions that you can take while you’re working up high. With the proper safety equipment, you could limit your chance of injury. However, it’s possible that the equipment will fail or an unforeseeable event will occur. You could fall, and the results could leave you with a serious injury.

The most common falls in construction come from falls off of scaffolding, machinery, or buildings. I scaffolding falls, the equipment is usually to blame.

  1. Repetitive motion injuries

When you perform the same motion over and over again, you put your body at risk. Over time, your muscles and soft tissues become damaged. Those muscles and tissues are usually in body parts that you need for mobility. When you injure them, you could be unable to get around. You may find yourself unable to work and in need of a costly surgery. This could leave you with a pile of debt.

Handling Your Worker’s Comp Claim

If you suffer from any injury on the job site, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. The only way for you to determine your eligibility is to speak to a lawyer. As a construction worker, you have a dangerous job. But that doesn’t mean that you deserve to pay for medical bills that you incur on the job site. Don’t hesitate to call a lawyer for help. You may be able to get compensation for your construction injury.

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