Injuries at the Workplace: Who’s Responsible?

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Injuries and accidents happen every time. They happen at the office and at home. They happen when you are driving and even when you are taking a walk at the park. Injuries and accidents are unfortunate events that are sometimes beyond our control. Accidents, however, don’t always follow this beyond-our-control pattern with some of them resulting from negligence and/or carelessness. When this happens, then it is only fair that the negligent party is held responsible for the harm or injury suffered by another person. The law recognizes this and holds individuals and organizations culpable for their actions or inactions that result in injury or harm to another party.

The workplace is one area where accidents are common with there being debate as to who should be responsible for the accidents at the workplace. Sometimes an employee is responsible for the injuries or harm suffered at the workplace and when this happens employers are usually quick to wash their hands of the incident. But is this what the law requires of employers? Definitely not. Employees are the employers’ responsibility when they are in the workplace and it is up to them to ensure that the employees are safe and secure in their work environment. This entails protecting the employees from injury and harm when they are on company time. When the employer neglects on this duty either knowingly or anything unknowingly, then he or she will be held responsible for the injuries or harm suffered by the employees as a result of this. On the issue of company time, it should be noted that company time is not limited to the amount of time workers spend in the office or at their workstations. Company time also entails training sessions away from the office, company retreats and even when workers travel away from their stations for work. When accidents happen in any of these scenarios, the employer is legally responsible. Workers who feel that their employers are slow or reluctant to take up for responsibility for accidents at the workplace can seek legal aid from professional lawyers. Read more here on how professional lawyers can help you file a lawsuit to seek the help of the court to compel your employer to take responsibility for the injury or harm suffered as you were discharging your employee duties and obligations.

Legal liability.

The employer is only responsible for injuries or harm suffered by employees at the workplace as a result of negligence and/or carelessness on his or her part. If an employee gets injured at the workplace as a result of substance abuse or when he or she is in the process of committing a crime, the employer is not responsible for the injuries or harm suffered by the employee. The employer, however, is required to make sure that the injured employee gets the needed medical attention and treatment as per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Employers are also required to purchase insurance for their workers and they should help them get compensated for injuries or harm suffered at the workplace by cooperating with the insurers as they are investigating the claim.

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