Understanding the Difference Between Birth Traumas, Birthing Injuries, and Birth Defects

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Injuries caused to newborn children through negligence or malpractice are relatively uncommon in the Western world but are something which still occurs far too often. Knowing what and how these tragic events can unfold can help to spot the danger-signs and hopefully prevent anything more serious from taking place.

Birth Defects

Estimates place the number of babies born with some form of defect in modern America to be at a level of around 7%. This includes everything from the smallest irregularity to more concerning issues.

Birth defects are naturally occurring problems which affect an infant’s health and well-being. These could be due to either a hereditary, genetic, prenatal conditions or possibly a combination of different factors.

While the vast majority of these disorders are detected prior to the delivery during prenatal checkups, it’s not unusual for them to go undiscovered until after childbirth as some conditions are much harder to detect. For instance, around 70% of children born with major heart problems are not diagnosed until after they’re born.

Birth Injury

A birthing injury is quite literally as it sounds. An injury received to a new baby which is the direct result of an event that takes place either during labor or within a short time of the delivery.

Many of the birth injuries which occur are unavoidable incidents. This can be for a number of different reasons, most of which are connected to complications arising during labor. What is more worrying, is the fact that more injuries transpire due to human error than natural causes.

Disturbingly, the largest single cause of birthing industries in America is due to a lack of communication between the medical team overseeing the delivery. This includes vital information not being imparted, misunderstandings between team members and even misdiagnosis and errors in administering medication.

Birth Trauma

Similar to birth injuries, BT is an inclusive term used to define all injuries great or small, although, birth traumas often have more serious consequences. While birth trauma is technically and legally a type of birthing injury, they are specifically an injury which affects the child’s organs or causes muscular damage. This typically is a result of forceful movements or excessive pressure being applied.

Another common birthing trauma is when the baby receives a lack of oxygen during delivery. While pressure accidentally placed on the umbilical cord can cause a break in the flow of oxygen supply to the baby, a more common reason is when the umbilical cord becomes entangled around the baby’s neck. Such events can cause serious repercussions with the brain being starved of oxygen. This can commonly lead to a neurological disorder such as Cerebral Palsy.

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