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Caren Sharp v Leeds City Council [2017] EWCA Civ 33

The appellant had suffered injury when she fell on paving which was maintained by the respondent. She initially began her claim under the EL/PL Protocol. It later ceased to continue under that Protocol, although the precise reasons for this were disputed. The case thereafter proceeded under the PI Protocol. The respondent failed to give pre-action […]

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Wooldridge v George QBD (Judge Walden-Smith) 23rd January 2017

The claimant, who had been drinking, was struck whilst crossing the road between two pubs. The defendant was driving at 20mph, had not been drinking, and was not distracted. Notwithstanding this, she had failed to see the claimant. In all the circumstances, had she been negligent HELD: The expert evidence suggested the claimant had been […]

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Why it’s Worth Paying to Hire a Motoring Solicitor

Consideration was given for the editing and publication of this post. If you’ve recently been caught speeding, whether by a speed camera or by police officers, you will probably still feel very shocked and worried about the future. It may be your first offence, in which case you will probably receive a Fixed Penalty Notice […]

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