Saunderson v Sonae Industria [2015] EWHC 2264 (QB)

The Court determined 50 test cases arising from a fire at the Defendant’s manufacturing plant in 2011. The complaint was that a substantial amount of smoke and fumes had emanated from the site, which had been exposed to Claimants who lived or worked in the area. Those Claimants alleged that the exposure had caused them a range of symptoms. There were 16,626 of them in total. The Judge found of the test cases that they had been damaged by delay and lack of contemporaneous notes, including a lack of GP records. The lack of contemporaneous complaint was particularly remarkable given the total number of apparently affected Claimants. The solicitors’ standard form questionnaires contained leading questions and many responses were shown to be inaccurate or exaggerated. Solicitors had falsely told prospective Claimants that the Defendant had admitted liability and paid out compensation, which had not been correct. The Judge had found that the majority of Claimants experienced an unusual, nasty small, along with possibly some symptoms that were short lived. The Judge commented that the Claimants had not worked out the science at an early stage and it had proven them wrong. The claims were dismissed.

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