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An applicant who was in breach of an unless order as a result of their disclosure being 46 minutes late was granted relief from sanctions

Lakatamia Shipping v Nobu Su [2014] EWHC 275 (Comm) An order had been made that unless the Applicant provided disclosure by 17 January 2014 their defence and counterclaim would be struck out. The order did not specify a time of day for compliance, although the Commercial Court Guide provided that in the absence of any […]

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Claimant ordered to pay costs on indemnity basis as sanction for taking ‘futile and time-wasting procedural points’.

Vivek Rattan v UBS [2014] EWHC 665 (Comm) The Claimant (C) wrote to the Defendant (D) asking for confirmation that it would file its costs budget ‘on’ 28 February. D agreed saying costs budgets should be filed ‘by’ 28 February. C filed its costs budget on 27 February and D filed its costs budget on […]

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Barrister Goes from the Bar to the Web

Brought to you by our friends at 1 King’s Bench Walk. The barrister profession is one steeped in tradition, but one lawman is seeking to take it firmly into the digital age. Ronald DeKoven has set up a website to allow individuals and businesses easy access to barristers without them having to use solicitors’ services. […]

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