Five Different Services that Solicitors Provide to Individuals

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Life is full of surprises; one minute all is well, and then the next, something unthinkable can happen and your life is thrown upside-down. Some of these events happen to us all, and some are individual cases that may not apply to everyone. Regardless of the circumstance, whether a loved one has passed away or you’ve experienced an injury that shouldn’t have occurred, there are people who are employed to help you to get the best outcome possible. This might be in the terms of a settlement, helpful advice or simply someone to fight your corner when you need it.

Due to life’s unforeseen events, solicitors have been helping people throughout the UK for many years. They’re there during times of trouble (such as being laid off your job) and times of happiness (buying your first property). If you are in the position to find your first trusted solicitor, or need to find a new one, you may want to consider the services that they can help you with in the future. Here are just five different services that solicitors provide to individuals.

Housing and property

Buying a house can be both a stressful and rewarding experience. Solicitors are there to make the process just that little bit easier when it comes to the funds transfer and general home buying advice. Depending on the solicitor you go to, they may help you with a range of services within the housing and property bracket. Examples include: neighbour disputes, remortgaging, conveyancing and unlawful eviction.

Medical negligence

Another area where solicitors specialise is the medical negligence field. It’s never nice to consider something going wrong during surgery or a wrong diagnosis, but unfortunately this can happen within the UK. Solicitors can help individuals to seek compensation when this does occur in order to cover the costs of future care due to the negligence of the medical professional.

Employment law

Solicitors can also help when it comes to employment law. Many hours of your life can be spent at a job, and it can be devastating when your income is affected by problems you may be having at work. Common reasons a solicitor can be called in include issues with contracts, redundancy, discrimination and tribunals. Doing this all yourself can be incredibly stressful when you are feeling the full strength of emotions; a solicitor can give you an unbiased view on the law and let you know whether you have a case against your employer.

Family law

Next, family law can be an area where a solicitor can help. Each family is different as they are made up of various relationships. Relationships can break down, which may affect other family members too – especially if children are involved. A solicitor can help to bring clarity to these problems, making sure that the best interests of the children are put first. It might be that they arrange mediation, care proceedings or help to bring a divorce settlement to the courts.

Injury claims

Finally, a solicitor might also help with an injury claim. This is different to a medical negligence claim because it is related to an injury outside of medical care. For example, it may be an injury that occurred during a car accident that wasn’t your fault, or it may be that you slipped and fell where a sign didn’t depict a wet floor. There are many companies around that can handle these types of claims but it is a good idea to speak to your local qualitysolicitors and lawyers to ask about getting the right legal advice.

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