Need Some Legal Advice on Employment Law?

Taking on new employees can be a complex and time consuming process for businesses. In addition to finding the right candidate for the role, strict guidelines must be followed both during the recruitment process and when managing staff. Although complex, employment legislation aims to strike a balance between allowing a business to operate effectively and commercially and protecting an employee’s rights. Successful staff management brings great benefits the business as well as creating an enjoyable working environment, but companies must ensure they satisfy certain legislative requirements at all times.

When hiring just one employee can require significant resources, hiring multiple staff or staffing new departments completely can be a complicated process. With nationwide companies opening new business premises in Worthing and Bognor both will be undertaking mass recruitment. This, in conjunction with the continued expansion of a leading Insurance provider based in Eastbourne, Brighton & Hove and Bexhill, means that an estimated 1,000 new jobs will be created within Sussex; this is good news for local people seeking employment, and potentially for those providing employment and recruitment related services.

Companies considering taking on new staff often benefit from advice regarding employment legislation and how to ensure they meet legislative  –  and best practice – requirements.

By working with employment lawyers from the outset, companies can take a more strategic approach to staff recruitment and management, which generally proves more cost-effective in the long run than having to manage the fall-out from not putting the correct policies and procedures in place to start with. By obtaining the relevant advice and assistance prior to recruiting staff, businesses are more likely to avoid disputes and avoid inadvertently overlooking their responsibilities thus reducing costs and creating a happier and more efficient workforce and a more successful business.

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