Sponsored post: Pressure is No Excuse for Negligence

Medical negligence is all too often seen in modern medicine, with professionals who are under pressure taking risks which put their patients in danger of injury or worse. Reading the news this week I came across the case of a surgeon from Scarborough who has had his already lengthy suspension for negligence extended.

Nayef El-Barghouty, who worked as a vascular and general surgeon at Scarborough Hospital for 15 years, was suspended from practice last July after being found guilty of misconduct and dishonesty by the General Medical Council, and his year-long suspension has now been extended by another four months.

One patient was left with damaged vocal chords due to Mr El-Barghouty’s negligence, and an 82 year old man sadly died after being put through three operations in just one day, bleeding to death after the procedure to remove a leg aneurysm.

Cases like this really do highlight the fact that even the most experienced surgeon can make mistakes which result in unnecessary injuries or fatalities, and a long ban from working is absolutely vital in ensuring the safety of any patients which this particular surgeon might treat in the future.

After a hearing by the Medical Tribunal Practitioners Service it was decided that Mr Barghouty will be further suspended as it is “necessary for the protection of members of the public”. His case is set to be heard again in October, and I hope that whatever decision is made is reached with the safety of patients in mind.

Simon Wilson is Senior Solicitor in the medical negligence department at Neil Hudgell Solicitors, who specialise in helping patients who are the victims of negligence by a medical professional to claim compensation.

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