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Professional and Clinical Negligence

Assessment Of Damages In Professional Negligence Claim Where Solicitors Exceeded Clients’ Authority In Group Litigation Case

Amalgamated Metal Corporation Plc v. Wragge & Co (A Firm) & Anor, QBD, 8/4/11

Steel J held that that the defendant solicitor firm had been negligent in concluding settlement on behalf of the claimant without authority and in negligently failing to advise the claimant as to the ongoing issues arising in the group litigation, of which the claimant had previously thereto been a party. Damages were awarded on the basis that had the defendant not concluded settlement on behalf of the claimant without authority, the claimant would have remained a party to the group litigation in respect of the whole of its claim and would thus thereafter have been awarded interest on a compound basis, as opposed to the simple interest recovered pursuant to the settlement. Accordingly damages were awarded in the sum of £7.65 million.

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